Friday, October 1, 2010

#100: The Way I Walk

Playlist for Sunday October 3, 2010
Hosted by Greg Denton with guest Anne Thomson


1. Wake Up Jacob - Prince Albert Hunt & His Texas Ramblers

2. The Way I Walk - The Cramps
3. Jesus Walking On The Water - Violent Femmes
4. Cakewalk Into Town - Taj Mahal

5. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane - Tony Allen
6. My Walking Shoes - David Grisman, John Hartford, & Mike Seeger
7. My Walking Stick - Leon Redbone

8. Jake Walk Blues - The Allen Brothers
9. The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away - Ambrose And His Orchestra
10. Tennessee Wig-Walk - Lou Bonnie
11. Tennessee Bird Walk - Blanchard & Morgan

12. Took My Gal Out Walkin' - Loudon Wainwright III (with Martha Wainwright)
13. My Baby Walked Right Out On Me - Wanda Jackson
14. Two Little Feet - Greg Brown

15. Sleepwalking Down The Tracks All Night - Your Neck Of The Woods

1 comment:

funkygrooves said...

Then Montgomery Feingold, who passed by, was heard to say, "Tell me, ist mein eyes mistaken, vhich ist Max, und vhich ist Bacon, so de leetle peeg got up und valked away.
Yes, the pig got up and slowly walked away, slowly walked away, slowly walked away,
Yes, de leelte peeg got up und hung his haid in shame, und slowly walked away...

What a great tune!
Many thanks!